Every Wreath Tells a Story

Article credit: Nicole Zettlemoyer

2/7/20242 min read

Wreaths by Nicole P- LogoWreaths by Nicole P- Logo

With the option to send your own uniform or to use what Nicole has in stock, there’s options for every service member to customize their wreath to their liking.  She has a wide selection of service tapes, personalized name tapes, ranks, patches, ribbons, and buttons. 

Want to think outside the box? Nicole has created wreaths using a multitude of fabric, including VFW jackets, nurse flight suits, wedding dresses, fire turnout gear, and police uniforms.  She’s happy to listen to your creative ideas and make them a reality.  

Since the inception of her business, Nicole has created wreaths for a multitude of occasions and people, such as retirement gifts, funerals, and Gold Star families, and has used uniforms as early as World War I! 

Wreaths by Nicole P started as a little idea she and her mom had cooked up during a summer leave block, while Nicole was still in the Air Force. The Air Force was switching from it’s old ABU’s to its current OCP’s, and Nicole wanted to do something creative with her old uniforms. After creating the prototype and posting it on Facebook, she began receiving a few orders here and there, creating wreaths for friends and family for fun.  Then, in December of 2020, a local news station got a hold of the story and featured her on a popular news show. After this segment aired, major news outlets including People, FOX, CBS in the Morning, and Late Night with David Muir all reached out, asking for interviews about the Airman who makes wreaths. (You can check out all of these articles on her website as well.) One of Nicole’s biggest honors has been making a wreath for the 19th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Chief Joann Bass.  The wreath still hangs in the Airey house after three years! 

Nicole’s service dates back to January of 2014, when she stepped on the infamous yellow footprints at Parris Island. After four years in the Marine Corps, she got a taste of the civilian world and wished to be back in the military. 10 months later, she reenlisted into the Air Force and served four years.  While in the Air Force, she met her husband, started Wreaths by Nicole P, then had her son. Now, as a veteran, Nicole spends her time making wreaths, weight lifting, and being a mother to a very rambunctious toddler.

She also hand-makes ornaments, which you can also find on her site. There are other cool pieces of merchandise on her website such as tee shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, and challenge coins. As a crazy dog mom and proud veteran, she regularly donates to K9s for Warriors through the business as well. 

Reach out to Nicole through her site or e-mail or Facebook page for any questions about how you can order you and your family your wreath!