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Article credit: Cindy Palmer

3/23/20233 min read

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Changing jobs is never an easy feat. You’re at a new location, with new people, possibly doing new things. It takes a little time to acclimate.

Imagine changing jobs every 2-5 years at the same company. Any time there’s a change - software, different management styles, equipment - you’re up to the challenge and you succeed. You learn the ins and outs at every new job, and you’re the go-to when someone needs certain tasks accomplished. Some parts of your job are the same with each move, but there’s always something different.

And you’re REALLY good at your job. Especially if you’ve been building your skillset over the last 20+ years.

When your friends and family ask you what you do, you have a difficult time translating it into terminology that they can understand. Your family tries to translate what you do in terms that are more relatable for them, but they only understand a small fraction of the details.

Now, imagine leaving your company after years of dedication. Moving where they want you to, - when they need you to. Spending more time at work than with your own family.  Years of dedication to your work.

Trying to communicate how your work experience can fit well with your new company can be challenging. Terminology is different. They’ve never heard of the equipment and software you’ve worked with for years.

There’s a gap in translation.

To the interviewer, it sounds like you lack experience.

This is what our transitioning service members deal with every day as they try to leave the military and join the civilian workforce. Unless they’re applying for a job with a company that’s contracted with the military, it’s difficult to find the right words from their expertise and the skills they possess.

Robyn Grable, a veteran of the US Navy (GO NAVY!!!) recognized this pitfall. From her early days in the service, she advocated for our service members. She grew up in this lifestyle as a stepchild, later becoming a female in the military when some ratings (careers) were restricted for women.

With this unique experience, and as a single parent of a gifted child, she’s a defender for people to be recognized for their skills and not dismissed for something someone else thinks they may be missing.

This is why she created Veterans ASCEND.

Veterans ASCEND is an Ai-powered talent-sourcing platform created in 2019, although Robyn has been in the industry for about 30 years.

It helps companies build an investment and a talent strategy that is 100% intentional and inclusive. No resume. No application upfront. Helping employers pinpoint what skills are needed for their positions and the company overall, and matching them with high-quality candidates that have these skills. Pricing is based on the size of the company, and she has over 60 employers that are currently using the platform - many of whom have been using it since the very beginning.

On the talent side of things, it’s a national program available to all active service members, Guard, Reservists, Veterans, and their spouses. All at no cost to them. Helping them to pinpoint their skills which are translated from their military or civilian occupational background. Helping them see where they fit best.

To hear more about Veterans ASCEND, Robyn’s story, and what they can do to help both employers and job seekers, check out thefull interview on our YouTube Channel!

You can reach out to Robyn and her team with any questions by emailing them at