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Article credit: Cindy Palmer

2/22/20232 min read

Trevor KinkadeTrevor Kinkade
Trevor Kinkade Design- LogoTrevor Kinkade Design- Logo

Some businesses have done it intentionally, while others have done it by accident, but any successful business owner (veteran-owned, or not) can tell you how important quality branding is in contributing to their success.

Why is branding so important?

Because it’s memorable and shows your clients what they can expect from you. It’s a way a business can distinguish itself from its competitors. Branding helps clients, as well as potential clients, recognize a business’s products, its reputation, and the viewer’s perception. It shows consistency, which leads to recognition, reputation, and trust. It helps a business stand out.

Think about Apple. Whether you own Apple products or not - or even like them or not - chances are if you saw their logo of the apple with the bite taken out of it, you’d know exactly who they are. That’s successful branding.

Branding is best done before you start your business, however, it’s also very common that branding changes over time. It takes a lot of thought, research, and soul searching. And sometimes help.

Here’s where I’ll introduce our next guest - Trevor Kinkade with Trevor Kinkade Design.

Trevor is a former logistics officer in the Army, and his story is unique.

While many in the industry started at a young age and probably went to college for graphic design, marketing, or something of the like, Trevor went to college for something else. It wasn’t until he was in the Army that he realized his love for graphic design and “how powerful a great design could be in increasing morale.”

As a platoon leader, he realized that their logo could use a little work. So he created a new one and eventually was creating logos for other platoons, companies, battalions, and brigades - building his skill practically every off-duty hour.

Overall Trevor has 8 years of experience in the industry, however, Trevor Kinkade Design wasn’t established until 2018. He’s based out of Colorado Spring with clients all across the U.S.!

He helps “dreamers bring their ideas to life through well-crafted brands and logo design that lasts.”

“Nothing feels better than an idea coming to life.”

So whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation - a solid brand reputation and an amazing logo are very important in growth and recognition. This is where veteran-owned and operated, Trevor Kinkade Design can support you and help you grow and tell your story.

Check out this video short, but don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for the full interview.

Then, of course, take a look at his work, and reach out if your business can use his talent!