Elevate Your Gifting: Make Every Moment Sweeter

Article credit: Cindy Palmer

2/15/20233 min read

Grove Cookie CompanyGrove Cookie Company

We all know that when you do a little research on the internet, chances are that you’ll come up with conflicting answers.

Strangely enough, I recently found myself googling, “ When was the first cookie invented?” Because that’s important to know.

Final verdict? Most likely in the 7th century in Persia, although I found the first chocolate chip cookie was credited to Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1937.

I know, I know….you didn’t come here for a history lesson. You probably came here to hear about one of the many veteran-owned companies out on the market today, or maybe you’re here to pick up an entrepreneurial tip or two.

As you may have guessed, this blog post features our very first veteran-owned business, which just happens to do with cookies.

While I’m a long-time fan of these tasty desserts, I recently became a fan of Grove Cookie Company, based in Beaverton, Oregon. Beaverton is a small city just outside of Portland.

Writing a blog takes a little bit of research, and I can’t just look at cookies and not eat them, soooo.… I’m glad listened to my stomach and just placed an order while I was “working.”

Gourmet, indeed.

Founders Marie and Grayson Hogard are a husband and wife team who craft small-batch gourmet cookies out of their kitchen using quality ingredients from companies known for their ethical treatment of animals and who are also committed to sustainability. Companies such as Ghirardelli, Bob’s Red Mill, and Vital Farms.

Grayson is a veteran - prior Army - MOS 31B and 31E - military police and corrections. He handles the business side of this endeavor, while Marie is the baking mastermind behind it all. Both have been working, and continue to work from home with their corporate jobs since Grove Cookie Company first began.

Originally, they had thought they might just sell their delicious cookies to friends and family, but somehow things got out of hand (as they tend to do at times), and they ended up with a full-fledged business. One year later, and things are going stronger than ever!

Their mission is to enhance client relationships, one cookie at a time.

They’ve spent 7 months fine-tuning their process to provide the best product for their clients.

Primarily their clients are companies, although they take personal orders as well.

Gourmet cookies, custom notecards, lovingly packaged and protected so that their clients’ recipients receive a beautiful (and tasty!) gift to help build business-client relationships. What a great way to leave an impression!

So if you’re looking for a delicious gift to thank a client, Grove Cookie Company could be the solution. They’re also a great idea if you want to send a gift to a loved one whether it be for a birthday, holiday, or “just because”. They ship nationwide!

And if you’re ever in the Portland area, you’ll want to stop by their brick and mortar location, expected to open by November 2022.

Check out this video short, but don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for the full interview.