Making everyone a crayon eater one CRE at a time.

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3/28/20232 min read

Crayons Read-To-Eat- LogoCrayons Read-To-Eat- Logo
Frank Manteau of Crayons Ready-To-Eat
Frank Manteau of Crayons Ready-To-Eat
Crayons Read-To-Eat- LogoCrayons Read-To-Eat- Logo

Making the decision to join the military, regardless of branch, means that you are part of a bigger family.

We support each other. Have mutual respect for each other. Both while in, and maybe even more so after transitioning back to civilian life, as veterans (hence, how The Veteran Owned Business came to be).

While we all serve the same main purpose - defending our country - like siblings, we like to torment each other too. You may or may not be familiar with the playful banter between the military branches.

Sure, there’s the Army - Navy games, but each branch has its own nickname as well. Only, they aren’t really nicknames used within the branch…just…by every other branch. But it’s all in good fun.

Names like:



“Crayon Eaters.”

Yes, crayon eaters. And, yes, they are over the age of 3.

Frank Manteau, The Crayon Eater King, is a Marine: 0311 Infantry and Marine Security Forces. Originally from the sticks of Ohio, he returned after his time in service. Dealt with some hardships - only to eventually pick up his family and move all the way out to Southern California.

From Corporate America to starting his own woodworking business, he eventually worked on a project which lead him to the epiphany of where Crayons Ready-to-Eat all began.

Crayons Ready-to-Eat is a veteran-owned business. They’ve made the joke of calling Marines “Crayon Eaters” a reality by creating the first edible, colorable, chocolate crayon. Yes, we said edible. And colorable.

The business originally launched in 2018, became an LLC in 2021, and will be ready to ship on May 1st. His story and journey is absolutely fascinating with lots of twists, turns, and incredibly helpful people (you’ll hear who in the interview).

CrowdFunding. Business Showers. Pitch competitions.

He’s a do-er. Determined. Resourceful. Inventive. A problem solver. Persistent. Inspiring.

You’ll want to listen to this entire interview on The Veteran Owned Business’ YouTube Channel.

And don’t forget to get your pre-orders in now!

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